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Russell, Richard v. Wright, Austin: Judgment, Brunswick County

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I reported that said Russell took one of his own plow hoe and put it into Avery Newmans Garden, and got search warrant; and found said plow hoe, - Ques't by Deft. did you never hear that Russell, look a like [illegible] from a Tammary Ware house , Without leave of the inspectors, Ans'r I did hear that the s.d Russell took one of his own - Ques't did you never hear of Richard Russell ^being accused^ false swearing, Ans'r I heard you say so last warrent Court, Ques't Did you never hear it by any other person, - Ans'r I heard many father say so. and said you told him so. - Ques't by Deft. Did not I tell you that I intended to Call upon such Witnesses to try to prove it Ans.r. Yes) = Ques't by Deft. Did I not tell you that I intended to tell on every person that knew anything about Russells character Ans'r not as I remember of, Ques't by Deft. did not you tell William Turner, that you wanted money of him, to redeem the negroes. Milly and Child, that Rich.d Russell had a deed of trust for. Ansr. not that I remember of Ques't what did you tell him you wanted with that money Ans'r, I wanted the money to pay off Anderson Paschalls judgment that he had obtained by original attachment. levied upon said Milly and Child which was condemned in Warren County Court as any [proforma?] Ques't by Deft Did you not tell Wm Turner That you expected to carry home them negroes, as soon as you paid off Anderson Paschalls Judge.t attach.d Ans'r not as I remember of } Ques't Did you not [remember] telling your wife, that you should bring home them negroes as soon as you paid, that money to Paschall Ans'r not as I remember - Ques't did you not Expect yourself to bring home them negroes. - when that - money was paid. That was borrowed of Turner, - Ans'r - not without more money, - Ques't was you drunk or sober . When you came to me, to assit you in getting money to