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Russell, Richard v. Wright, Austin: Judgment, Brunswick County

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than you were owing him independent of the Deed of Trust. Given him by Milly, and Child. Ans'r. I believe he had. Ques't by plaintiff, Did I not propose to you, that if you would [renew?] the Trust on the land. Taking in the sum which you then owed independant afsd. [aforesaid] Deed of Trust, that I should be satisfied. Ans'r. I refused to [renew?] that the sd. [said] Deed of Trust of this I found, but gave the Deed of Trust on Milly and child, to get him out of Goal, in Consequence of your attachment against me. for the money I owed you. Which I refused to add in the former Deed of Trust, on my land &c.Agreeable to your request respecting them to be at home in a few days if I paid the money in Quest. again by plaintiff, What and how long have we been neighbours, and low long, have we been in a habit of trade. Ans'r we have been neighbors about 13 or 14 years. and have been in a habit of Trade about 5 or 6 years. Ques't again by plaintiff, did not my conduct in every way appear to be honest and upright, in every respect. Ans'r. as forth as I know or believe: in my contracts & others. Ques't again, by Plaintiff, are you not induced to think my Character is fair and upright Ans'r. yes I do, in general Ques't. you have heard some unfavorable reports; of my Character, since sd Austin Wright, and myself have been Law and are you not enduced [induced] to believe it originally from the Deft or his family. Ans'r. I have, but as i never heard of it before I had reason or was rather Induced to think it as I never heard before they went to law. as I have heard more in the Wright family than any where else. (Ques't by Def't ) you say, you have heard some scandalous reports against sd Russel, [illegible] scandalous reports were they. Ans'r. I heard it