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Russell, Richard v. Wright, Austin: Judgment, Brunswick County

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same time. When you gave him a Deed of Trust for Milly and her Child. (Ans he had.) Quest. what did your land sell for. Ans., I believe for One hundred and twenty nine pounds Virg[ini]a. money. Quest. what did you gave Russell for the mare, he had a deed of Trust for. Ans. One hundred dollars. Quest.What did you think the other property was worth he had a Deed of Trust for. Ans. One hundred dollars. Quest. Did I not send for those negroes home and at what time and how often Ans. yes as often as three times your negroes came and said so the first time was about two or three years after i was married, as well as I recollect. The second was about two or three years after that. The third time was about the time that Curley Langford was present as well as I recollect, Quest by plaintiff, how did you know that Austin Wright sent for those negroes, agreeable to your above statement. Ans. by his own negroes who Informed me he was Drunk at sd. [said] times. Quest. how long since that Demand happened that Joshua Wright and Wife was present as before stated. Ans. about the year 1802, or 1803. Quest by plaintiff, altho. your property, Incumbered within might be worth a considerable amount, did you not dispose of the same property yourself and only pay me the next amount specifyed in a Deed of Trust for Debt. Ans. I did dispose of it myself, and only paid you the neat amount specifyed in sd. [said] Deed of Trust aforesd [aforesaid] as far for that as I know. Quest by Deft. did you not believe that Richd Russell had a Deed of Trust for Considerable more property