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Russell, Richard v. Wright, Austin: Judgment, Brunswick County

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Quest Did not Austin Wright state to you that as you were in debt. he would try to save your property. Ans'r he did as well as I remember Ques't did not Austin Wright state to you that he would demand those negroes of you in the presence of witnesses and that you must deliver them up accordingly. but that he never intended to take them and of your possession Answer - he did. and said they should remain in my possession for the use of any Children. Ques't, was not there demands made for the purport of defrauding your creditors, as for the precession of your paying your just debts. Ans'r I believe it was (Ques't again. would you ever have delivered up that property, to Austin Wright. before these witnesses, if you had not believed they were to remain in your possession. Ansr. I would not. Ques't by the Defendent, Did you not deliver up Milly and all her children to me as my property before. Joshua Wright. and his wife. Ans'r I did. The reason was I did not wish them sold to pay my debts, and expecting them to remain as they were. Ques't again by Def't, did you not, tell Edmund Webb that I never gave you said negroes but lent them to you, Ans'r not as I remember of Ques't did not you tell me, that Richard Russell promised you that if you would satisfie Anderson Parshall. The debt you was owing sd. Parshall, that he would give up sd. negroes to you. (Ans'r. not as I remember. Ques't. Was you not owing Richd Russell, at the sd. time, (Ans'r yes.) Ques't Did not Richd. Russell have a deed of Trust for your land, mare and some other property, at the same