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Russell, Richard v. Wright, Austin: Judgment, Brunswick County

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3 Answer No. not as I recollect at this time. John Mayfield William Williams was next examined Question by Defdt } What Character does Richard Russell Generally support -- is it a Fair or Black character. Answer. Generally said a Bad character in our neighborhood. William Williams Question John Simms was next examined Question by Deft } Which Character does Richard Russel support Generally -- is it a fair or Black character. Answer It is a Bad character generally Question by Pltff } Did you ever hear anything against my character before the Deft & myself were engaged in a Law Suit Answer I heard it before that time. Question by Pltff } Did you ever hear me accused of any act of Theft. Answer I heard him accused of taking an Plough Hoes & putting it in Avery Newmans Field and accused Avery Newman of stealing them and I have reason to Believe from a Deposition