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Russell, Richard v. Wright, Austin: Judgment, Brunswick County

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In obedience to a Commission from the Honourable Court for the District of Brunswick (Virginia) to us directed we have caused to come before us at Edmund Mayfields Tavern in Warren County North Carolina, William Wright & Peter Jones as witnesses for Richard Russell in a suit defending in said District Court whare in Richard Russell is plaintiff and Austin Wright Defendant they being of lawful age and duly sworn upon the holy Evangelist of almighty god, the parties to with Russell and Wright being present and consented thereto No 8 Peter Jones Deposetts and Saith that - On the fourteenth day of November, in the year Eighteen Hundred & Five, at Mecklenburg Court house, I heard a Despute between Austin Wright and Richard Russell the words I heard Mr. Austin Wright make use of to Russell, you are a Dam'd Scoundrel a Dam'd Rougue, you stole my Negroes and I can prove it God Dam you; you are as black as an Ethiopean. Ques't By the plaintiff, did you hear any provocation given by me at that time, or before, answer I do not recollect that I did, Ques't (by the Defendant) did not you hear me say that I had proved by the Oath of Anderson Parchall, that he had stolen my negroes from Virga. and brought into the State of No. Carolina. Ansr. [Answer] I did not. Quest. by Plaintiff, Did you believe said Wright to be a sober man at that time. Ansr. I did not Drunk, but very mad. further this Deponent saith not, Peter Jones Sworn to before us this 18th Day of August; 1806. Edmd. Mayfield JP Phil. Hawkins J.P.