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Tucker, Jesse v. Raines, Heartwell: Judgment, Brunswick County

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The dffs claim under the sale aforesaid.

These points occur in the cause. 1. Whether Jefferson Rains was under age at the time of the plts [sale?] to his brother | no child 2. Whether his long absence without ever being heard of forms sufficient presumption of his death so as to entitle the plf to his estate as [heirs?] at Law. 2. Stra: 199 - 920 - bull. nis: pr 295. 3. Whether the sale by an infant be good though he afterwards comes of age, without a new sale ]illegible] of the contract. Bull. nis: pr: 155 1. Stra. 94.

3d day Rains vs [illegible] } Detinue pro dft Rec'd 2 [questions?]

It makes no difference that Rob. W. Rains would have been heir. to Jefferson; because [nee?] claim now as heir to Jefferson & not to Robt.