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Tucker, Jesse v. Raines, Heartwell: Judgment, Brunswick County

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return the negro & hire when Jesse Tucker the Heir at Law came of age, she then replied to him if it was a bad bargain He must not blame her, He said there was such a Demd [demand?] for plank at that time He could make hundred of pounds by the time the Heir at Law came of Age as Jack was shuch [such] a good sawyer [lawyer?], & then He would return him And further this Depondant [deponent] saith that she did recive [receive] aboat [about] Thirty pounds of the money for said Bonds but He the s.d Rains refused to pay the Balce [Balance] of the Bonds without a suit, upon which she instituted a suit & recovered the Balce [Balance] which was about Eighty pounds, when the money had depreciated so that Corn sold at Fifty five pounds per Barrel

Questions by the Plaintiff:

Did the Estate owe you anything Answer: No

Did Reuben Hill ever make a Deed to Abraham Tucker or his Heirs that you know of, for a piece of Land bought by the said Tucker of the said Hill, to pay which Debt it was said the Estate of Abraham Tucker was sold - Answer: No

How came the Seventy Pounds charged in our Accounts Current by our against the Estate, if the Estate owed you nothing - Answer: The Amount Current was written by Hartwell Raines the Defendant I knowing nothing of the said Charge of Seventy Pounds.

Question by this Defendant: Did you never [ever] find out afterwards the Charge of Seventy Pounds in the Amount Current - Answer: I never did find it out never having heard it read, but was told of it by other People.

And further this Deponent saith not Susanna Tucker X her Mark